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When Should I Clean My Computer?

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Recently here at Frankenstein Computers we have had a number of computers come in with damaged fans or components that could have been prevented by some very simple cleaning.

We have come to find out that many people are not aware they even need to clean their computers out at all! While you can get intensive with your cleaning most can simply be maintained with a simple can of air sold at Walmart or other stores for just $5 or less.

Your computer has fans inside of it, and just like the fans in your home, over time they continue to collect little pieces of dust that over time can really add up!  Too much gunk and your fan can get weighted down, cause the bearings to go out, or simply jam the fan entirely.  For your average household of business some simply sprays of air, about every 3 months or so is more than enough to keep those fans nice and spinning.

Laptops will often have an air intake area and an exhaust, usually on the back sides, rear, or sometimes on the bottom of the laptop.  Just a few squirts of air in the intake and exhaust and you are good to go.  If you have NEVER done it before you might even see some junk blow out!  For desktop computers, there are typically one or two fans in the rear.   (One in the very back middle, and one near where your power cord plugs in.)

Same as with the laptop, a few blasts of air a few times a year is more than enough.  If you are comfortable removing the side panel of the computer you will also typically see a small fan right in the middle of the computer that can get some dust and may need some cleaning as well.  (This is not usually needed as much as the rear fans as they are internal and do not collect dust AS MUCH, though it still will).

Now, if you work or live with pets you may want to actually do this once a month, this goes for smokers as well.  And this little trick can even sometimes get you an extra year out of your computer.  Those fans are cooling your system for a reason, computers get hot, and if they get TOO hot, when the fan cannot cool them as much, that is when you can start damaging your components.

OR if you do not even want to fiddle with any of this Frankenstein does literal computer cleanups for our customers all the time!  Consider having a Frankenstein technician come out to your business twice a year to go from each computer and get them nice and clean for you, or stop by our shop if you would like a quick clean-up! And as always, if you have any questions regarding cleaning your computer, just give us a call!

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