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What not to do on Facebook, by Mitch

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                I see some crazy things on the internet since I’ve been working here at Frankenstein Computers.  One of the things that strikes me as odd is people “airing out their dirty laundry” on Facebook.  When people start a Facebook account, the first thing they do is invite close friends and even family to become their “Friends”.  As time goes on, more people are invited and before you know it, everybody you know is in tune with every possible aspect of your life.

                It is at this point when you need to realize that not only whatever you post, but everything that everybody else posts about you, is visible to all of the people listed as your “Friends”.  In the same regard, you need to remember what you post on someone else’s wall is visible to all of their “Friends”(including their family members).

                Facebook is not the place to have arguments or send hate.  It is the place to stay connected to the people you know.  Please don’t disrespect others on Facebook.  It’s ugly and it makes you look childish.  If you don’t like somebody, just tell them.  You can probably solve your problems right there(in one way or another).

Be nice…

I’m just saying…