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Web Mail vs Mail Client

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As a technician one subject I run into quite often is users not understanding the difference between web mail and mail clients when it comes to how they check their emails.

In a lot of instances when I ask a user who their email provider is they simply say Outlook because that is the mail client they use on their system however, that is normally not the case. Now, Outlook in a sense can be your email provider but in all reality that actually means that you are paying for a Microsoft account subscription that offers the option of email services, one example being Office365.

Now going back to my original subject, the difference between a mail client and your web mail through your provider is simply this, a mail client such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail, just to name a few, simply let you view your emails and offer additional editing, formatting, and features that your web mail environment would not.

It is very important to know who your email provider is such as Microsoft, Gmail, GoDaddy, Yahoo, because if you do end up having issues with receiving emails within your mail client you will know the source of your email server and you can go directly to that location through the web and access your emails so you are not stuck and cannot view anything. This is also important to know in case any troubleshooting needs to be done for your email account because the first place you always want to start is the source of where your emails are coming from.

A good example would be a lot of times after so long your mail client such as Outlook seems to start asking for your email password out of nowhere and no matter how many times you enter it, the client keeps rejecting it. Now, in this case here is where it is important to know where to go through the web to go in and make sure your password is updated through your email host environment and this will fix your issue with your mail client.

If you have any questions on how to figure out who your email host is if you do not know or understand how this subject actually works please do not hesitate to contact us here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking as we are always here to assist with any of your computing needs.

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