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Mac Repairs In Austin

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mac repairs work on macs

Are you looking for a company in Austin that can work on macs?

There are literally dozens of computer repair companies in the Austin area that cater to both PC’s as well as Macs. Here at Frankenstein we just do not understand why some of these companies feel the need to charge higher labor fees for working on Macs than on PC’s. Is it because Macs are more difficult to work on? Do Mac repairs typically take longer than PC’s? Do companies need to pay Apple just to be able to work on a Mac? No.

While Mac repairs do require a separate skillset than PC repairs, they are no more difficult or time consuming than PC repairs. The only difference is that Macs, for the most part, use proprietary hardware that has a higher cost. Here at Frankenstein our labor prices for Mac repairs are the same for any other repairs.

It is true that the hardware is still more costly than PC’s, but I have consistently had customers tell me that our repairs are much more affordable than taking a Mac directly to an Apple store because of how much they charge for labor. So, if you have a Mac that you think is in need of some TLC or even a complete overhaul, give us a call or bring it by and we will give you fair and honest recommendations.

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