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Vulnerability Found in Edge and Chrome (Fix Available)

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Vulnerability Found

This week Google announced what is referred to as a ‘zero day exploit’ was found in their Google Chrome browser and quickly released an update for the vulnerability. 

The next day Microsoft announced the same vulnerability was discovered in its Edge web browser as well.  The vulnerability lies in the V8 component of their web browser which allows the browser to run different types of code. With Chrome and Edge being some of the most popular browsers it is always a game of cat and mouse with coders finding new exploits and the developers quickly patching them. 

This is the second zero day exploit found for Google Chrome this year; but statistically speaking this is actually a very low number.  However, due to the amount of users that use these two applications to browse the vulnerability is a large one.  However both are quite easy to update on your own.  

How to update

(Note; many users have their browsers set to auto-update so there is a chance your browser has already updated itself, but know, you must close and relaunch the browser for it to go into effect.)


1.  Click the 3 dots at the top you Edge browser while open

2.  Click Help and Feedback (near the bottom of the options)

3.  Click ‘About Microsoft Edge’

4.  You want the top message to say ‘Microsoft Edge is up to date’.

5.  If not, click update to update the browser and relaunch to apply.


1.  Click the 3 dots at the top of your Chrome browser while open

2.  Highlight ‘Help’

3.  Click ‘About Google Chrome’

4.  You want the top message to say “Google Chrome is up to date’.

5.  If not, click ‘Relaunch’ if available to install downloaded updates.

As always, feel free to reach out to Frankenstein Computers if you need any help with this process.  And if you worry your system has already been compromised bring your system to our shop for our diagnostics and virus detection and virus removal.

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