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Virus Removal Austin

I hate to brag but we are really good at crushing viruses at Frankenstein Computers. We have a process that uses 5 different removal tools in  succession and have a 90% success rate for disinfecting systems. We have a flat rate of $105 to clean any system even though the process takes about 24 hours to complete. Most computer repair outfits just wipe the drive and then reinstall Windows. This is great and it will clean your system but what about your files and programs? Everything would need to be reinstalled if you do it this way. Our procedure takes a little more time but we are happy to do the extra work for our clients. If you get infected DON’T WAIT because it will only get worse. The first virus opens the door for the rest and the longer you wait the harder it is to clean. We always try to turn computers around in 24 hours because we know your computer is important to you.