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What is virtualization?  Small and medium sized businesses more and more are adopting this technology to save time and money.  For many organizations, having more than one server is unavoidable.  One for managing traffic and services on the domain (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and Web IIS services), one for applications (database software utilizing client/server configuration), and sometimes a File/Print server (used for file storage, print spooling and faxing).

Servers are often prohibitively expensive.  They require regular and expert maintenance and can take up a lot of space.

A Virtual Machine Host is a single server that contains one or more systems within it.  This can dramatically decrease cost and space requirements by reducing the number of physical machines.

What if you have a system that is on the verge of failing, hardware-wise?  Virtualize it!

Workstations can also be virtualized too…  There are a lot of possibilities for test environments and compatibility installations.

If you think your business can benefit from virtualization, give Frankenstein Computers a call.  We take the fear out of making sure your small to medium sized business stays alive.