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Why be afraid of Updates and Patches

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Updates are simply the antichrist for some users.

This stems from the poor testing and validation that is dreaded with quickly published updates. Software is patched for many reasons; some of the most important are security, functionality, and reliability. Currently software developers are pressing for security as the focus. As a result, this sometimes diminishes, functionality. This is usually fixed by a second update that corrects the unvetted first update. This is usually called a patch. Most of what the average user fears as updates are actually, in fact patches. If patches are minor fixes what are actual updates? Updates are usually version changing feature that add or remove features. A great example is upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Why do we dread allowing programs to update? We all inherently want to be more secure. If the reason you continuously click “Not Now” for updates is the worry that the look and feel of the user interface is going to change, you are only delaying the inevitable. We are all stubborn and set in our ways but change is inevitable, so embrace it. Does it cost more productivity and time to repeatedly click not now or pause, or just to learn the new menu or tool bar structure?

In a well-managed business network, users do not have the option to post pone the updates or patches. This is often referred to as Information Security Best Practices and Compliance. Some card processors and corporation’s will deactivate your features or accounts entirely when they discover you have clicked “Not Now” more than once. This can ideally only be paused once for up to 4 hours and no more to allow the user to get to a stopping point where they can walk away for 10 minutes, and the updates and patches can be forced to apply.

At the end of the day, it is better to need to relearn a menu than it to risk your business data being compromised, or even worse, your customers information. If you have the dreaded updates and patches constantly looming on your system, reach out and give us the opportunity to mitigate the worry.

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