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Updates ARE Important

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In the IT support world, we often see users are not updating their systems when needed, either because they simply ignore the needed update alerts, they do not know how to update their system on their own or, they feel that Windows updates cause problems when they install them so they put off downloading the items.

Now, all of the above are understandable but it is very important to understand how making sure your Windows updates are installed is crucial due to not only system functionality but security purposes as well. Very recently Microsoft released a Security update for Windows 10 that you should most certainly make sure is installed because there was news of hackers getting into user’s systems via a hole in Microsoft’s security. Also, from a technician standpoint, I have dealt with many various issues where checking for any pending Windows updates and finding several items that have not been installed and getting those downloaded ends up being the resolution for the problem.

Some users also do not install the updates because they think they cannot work during the download process and do not have time to be down but the good news is that you can definitely work during the install process however you will need to reboot your system once prompted to do so. That being said, I would plan a time to perform the reboot when you are certain you do not need your system for a few minutes.

If you are having issues with your workstation running slow, I would always recommend checking for any available Windows updates before doing anything else. If this is an area that interests you or you are not sure how to update your system or make sure it is up to date we here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking are here to assist you as always. You can either drop your system off with us in shop and we can check for updates there, or we can walk you through how to do it yourself remotely.

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