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Upcoming Microsoft Office Changes

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Microsoft has very recently made an announcement of some important changes that are coming to their Office suite.

This is especially important for enterprise or what Microsoft refers to as “perpetual” users because they are stating starting the second half of this year plans to make major upgrades to their Office Suite however, they will also be cutting down their offered technical support to 5 years instead of traditional 10 years as well as raising pricing by 10%.

Sources are stating that this is Microsoft’s additional effort to get users over to the enterprise subscription status instead of the standalone subscription because the single user can have a license and run the software as long as one wants on their workstation. Microsoft is even stating that now moving forward, users using anything but an Office subscription-based product will be second rate and substandard.

Two major changes to be aware of are that there will now be two completely different names for your Office suite once they are released. The next Office suite that will be released for consumers and small businesses will simply be called “Office2021”. The next Office suite for enterprise users will be called “Office LTSC” which stands for “Long-term Support Channel”.

Another item to be hyper aware of is that the new support Microsoft is offering once both new versions are released will be the same 5 years. This is also cutting it down by two years from our most current version of Office which is 2019 that 7 years of support has been available. The Microsoft Executive who leads the Microsoft 365 team has not provided an exact date of when these changes will be going into effect, but it was stated that it should be “later this year” and “hopefully before summer”.

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