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Ubiquiti – Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

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A new player, Ubiquiti, has come to town in the Tech world.

Ubiquiti, known by some as Unifi, has taken the market by storm. They now have products for Homeowner to Enterprise to ISP. They made what costed tens of thousands, required specialized engineers, and constant updating, to a reasonable investment and 1 person can manage all the features and devices. We used to have a router then a firewall followed by the internals of the network. Now this is all done with one smart device. We started installing these for ease and simplicity and discovered just how awesome they are.

They can replace an entire rack of network equipment with each device. Layered switching, NVR, router, firewall, and so much more. Ever had a device smart enough to tell you there was a bad cable and what room it was in? Unifi Dream Machine Pro does just that. Management couldn’t get any easier than the simple straight forward user interface. We have replaced Cisco, Juniper, SonicWALL, and Fortinet all will the same product line. We highly recommend the Ubiquiti product line so give us a call or email if you would like more information about what Ubiquiti offers.

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