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Trojan.Cryptowall is a Trojan horse that encrypts files on the compromised computer.

It then asks the user to pay to have the files decrypted. The Trojan is mainly distributed through spam campaigns, compromised websites, malicious ads, or other malware. Several of our big clients have recently been infected with the Cryptowall viruses. This is a nasty virus as it will spread over the entire network and will encrypt files on any and all shared folders and drives.

It will basically take your network down. The virus itself is easy to remove but the damage will have already been done. All encrypted files are useless so if you do not have a good current backup then the files are gone for good. Imagine losing all of the files on your server or in your My Documents, it can and will happen if you get this virus.

How to protect yourself…

Make sure you have antivirus installed and that it is up to date. This is not a 100% fix but it can help you.
Think twice before clicking an email attachment or link.
Do not go to Pornographic websites.
BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP! Without this you will be toast.

Please contact us if you cannot confirm that you have current backups running as we are happy to help.

Several of our big clients have recently been infected with the Cryptowall viruses

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