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TPM Security and You

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Security and computers can often feel like trying to mix oil and water. The more security there is the more hassle there is for the end user. One item in computers running a level of security is a TPM chip. In short it manages encrypted or key-signed messages that system hardware and even software use.

Have you ever used a finger print reader, a sign-in with webcam screen unlock, or even websites that use SSL certificates? If so a TPM chip has likely been used in the security process. With the onset of Windows 11 this chip has become popular while typically it was something not noticed. As newer security methods are introduced (facial recognition is much more advanced than fingerprint scans) so too does the hardware need to increase.

If you’ve purchased a new system as of 2016 the computer will likely have the latest TPM 2.0 chip. Within a few years prior to that it likely has an older version or no chip at all. Laptops will be difficult to upgrade but most desktops will be able to be upgraded if needed. Ensuring that you have the latest security capabilities will ensure the safety of your data and safety capability online.

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