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Tips for Setting Up Wireless Networks

With the addition of so many wireless devices in the workplace, setting up a
reliable wireless network is essential.
First, make sure you have a router that will handle the load of adding
additional wireless devices.  We like Cisco devices. Make sure the wireless router has enough strength to cover the desired area.
Any “line of sight” barrier, such as walls and cabinets, will weaken the signal from the router.  For larger areas with
several barriers, you may need to install wireless access points to achieve the coverage you
want.  Next, make sure to set up a strong wireless key using WPA encryption.  WEP
encryption can be broken in about 30 seconds by anybody who has access to
YouTube.  Lastly, set up policies about streaming to your wireless device in the workplace.
Streaming videos and music continuously will cause a big drop in your overall bandwidth causing a slowdown in the network.
Feel free to contact us at Frankenstein Computers for any questions that you might have. 512-419-9777.