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Intel’s Computer on a Stick

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tiny computer by intel

This TINY computer from Intel, running around $100, is meant for those that want to plug their computer into their TVs so that they are not limited to sitting at a computer desk to watch streaming video.

About 4in long it’s got a lot of power packed into its small frame. Boasting a quad core 1.4Ghz processor you will not be doing any gaming but it is more than enough to stream Netflix or Youtube videos. Comes standard with 2GB of RAM and a 32GB hard drive, with a SD expansion slot that supports up to 128GB you will be able to play those home videos you took on your camera on the family big screen.

Now I bet you are wondering, “how can I connect it to my TV, this does not seem to have room for a video port?” Well the Compute Stick took a page from USB storage sticks and has a HDMI connector that will plug directly into your TV or monitors HDMI port.

The Compute Stick also has built in Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth, meaning that you can connect your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to maneuver. The Compute Stick does have one drawback; it does not draw power from the HDMI port. The Compute Stick must use a micro-USB connection to supply power; this is understandable seeing how much is in this tiny package.

This should not be too much of an issue seeing as how most phones use this type of connection to charge. This is an amazing value for a fully functioning computer, now be aware that this computer CAN run Steam but will not run new gen games like Skyrim or World of Warcraft.

But it does appear to be able to run a lot of the “retro” style games that have been coming out recently from indie developers. Look for these and MANY more developing technologies in the near future. We also hope that you keep Frankenstein Computers at the top of your list to call for any and all IT Support and Services in Austin.

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