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Things you didn’t know you could do with Gmail

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If you’ve ever used Google I’m sure you’ve heard of Gmail.  Gmail has become one of the most popular

webmail services out there. Even if the person you’re emailing doesn’t have the tell-tale “”

address, chances are that they are still using Gmail to host their emails.  Did you know that you can do a

lot of different things within Gmail to make your life easier?  No?  Well let me tell you about them.


1. You can pre-schedule messages; what does this mean exactly?  Well, if you know that one of your

contacts checks their email at a certain time, but you just won’t be around the office during that

time or won’t have access to press the “send” button.  You can actually set a timer on a message

to send at a later time.  Now this feature isn’t built into Gmail exactly, but it is supported by

Gmail.  There are extensions that you can install, such as Right Inbox or Boomerang.  These

extensions offer you 10 free scheduled messages a month, or you can do unlimited for as little

as $5 a month.  But if you’re adventurous you can create scripts within Google Sheets that can

accomplish this task.


2. You know the snooze button that everyone loves to his on their alarm clocks in the morning?

Well Gmail has the same thing. But how?  You may ask.  Well again there’s a Gmail extension you

can install called “Gmail Snooze”.  This extension will allow you to schedule an email you might

not have time to respond to at the moment, to appear back at the top of your inbox as an

unread message.


3. Do you find yourself typing the same email lines over and over again?  Consider using the Gmail

Lab feature “Canned Responses” by Chad P. Much like the quick responses in text messages on

your phone, this lab’s feature sets an “insert” option for commonly used phrases in emails.  It

even allows you to create custom Stock responses.


Hopefully these quick tips will help you in your daily routine.  If you would like help utilizing these tips we

at Frankenstein would be more than happy to help you install and configure these utilities.  Please

consider us as your Austin IT Service and Support Team.