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The Importance of Staying Updated

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Challenges of staying updated…

In today’s market we find ourselves deep within a growing technical industry which is growing and expanding faster than businesses can keep up. The greatest challenge is keeping current, replacing old equipment and upgrading to newer software which requires learning new applications. There are additional cost hurdles, among many other potentially disruptive possibilities when upgrading/updating but, it is well worth the risks and costs.

Why you should stay updated…

As technology expands, so does the number of people who have access to that technology. Today, it is easier than ever before for a criminal to steal your personal information or gain access to networks and the secure data within. These new cyber criminals have no qualms taking advantage of older systems and devices, as their exploits are often well documented. Software itself is not without it is weaknesses either, which is why most software receive updates regularly.

Staying updated protects your system, network and data…

A good example would be users who still use Office 2010 or Office 2013. Such users paid for their software a long time ago, but with Office 365 now available most users are not keen on a subscription, nor on repurchasing new software. However, older versions of Office are no longer protected with updates and security patches, making them extremely vulnerable to attacks and exploitation. The same can be said for old firewalls and routers, to old servers and windows environments.

We can help you keep updated

In order to protect your computers and your network, it is extremely important to maintain your software and hardware, and do your best to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Doing so makes you much harder to exploit and hack, and will safeguard your business. We at Frankenstein Computers understand this threat, and we’re here to assist in upgrading your network and your security. Give us a call today at (512) 419-9777 and schedule a security evaluation today!

By Matthew Ragsdale, CISSP, CCNP, MCSE
Network Engineer, Frankenstein Computers

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