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importance of Backups

I have written several blogs on the importance of backups of your data.

I recently completed an audit for systems and servers that we backup.  The two major issues I found were first, backups failing due to software problems and second, backups running but not backing up the correct data.  Between viruses and hardware failure, I cannot express how important backups are enough. It is essential to have at least one set of backups configured.  If you have the option to backup multiple ways, all the better.  It is safer to have your data backed up in as many safe locations as possible.

We at Frankenstein recommend at least a local backup to an external hard drive.  We also recommend to back up offsite (Cloud Based). So, to sum up, check your backups regularly.  Look for newer software versions and also look to make sure that all of your data is being backed up.  Remember, no backup solution is click it and forget it. Frankenstein Computers offers backup services as well as data recovery services so if you are in need, just give us a call because we are always happy to help!

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