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Thank You for 16 Years!

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Thank you!

Thank you for 16 wonderful years. Frankenstein got started back in October of 1999 in an office that was 6X10 over off of 53rd and Airport in an alleyway, by a dumpster. It wasn’t the nicest of offices but it was a start. We had ONE client! From there we moved to our “big fancy” office over by the Dallas Nightclub on Burnet Rd. and finally ended up at our current location at 183/Lamar. We have enjoyed working with all of our clients over the years and can’t thank you/them enough for the continued support. We currently have over 500 business clients in and around the Austin area and REALLY appreciate each and every one of them. Our clients are our GOLD and we treat them with the upmost respect and compassion. We hope to continue to grow our happy client list and will continue to provide outstanding IT support to our clients for many years to come.