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Supporting Outdated Web Applications

Has Firefox abandoned supporting your old legacy web app that your entire organization relies upon? Web programming technologies are changing all of the time and some of the well-known technologies are now considered deprecated by most browsers.

For instance, most of your modern-day web browsers either do not support Adobe Flash anymore or they have it disabled by default as HTML5 has come a long way since it’s induction. Adobe Flash has always had vulnerabilities being patched as the versions grew. We are now seeing this type of deprecation for Java as well and certain versions just will not work anymore.

One way to address the issue is to keep your Mozilla Firefox on an older version and don’t let it update. This is great as far as getting your legacy web application to work; however, this is a bad idea if you are going to use an old outdated version of Firefox to browse the web.

So how do you keep legacy support in your browser yet have the latest updates for newer technologies as well as security updates closing vulnerabilities? The answer is simple, uninstall Mozilla Firefox and install Mozilla Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release).

According to Mozilla, Firefox ESR is “A community-led project that allows organizations to benefit from the speed, flexibility and security of Firefox while getting the support they need.”

Mozilla as well as myself, only recommend using Firefox ESR if you have to have legacy support for an application in your environment.



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