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Spring Means Spring Cleaning!

Spring is almost over and that means (if you haven’t already) its time to clean up!  But spring cleaning shouldn’t just mean tidying up around the home and office, its time to clean up your computer too!  And Frankenstein Computers is here to help.

Computer clean-up actually means two different things, your hardware AND your software.

Most computers in the world have an average life of about 5 years.  After that 5 year mark the first things to go are the moving parts and one of those is your computer’s fan.  Just like a fan in your home a fan that never gets cleaned will eventually bog down with dirt, dust and grime making it harder and harder to spin over time.  Eventually it just can’t keep your system cool, can break its bearings and your computer just turns off!  Also, have you ever been using your laptop and it just seems to get much hotter than it used to?  That could be your fan no longer doing its job.  If you have a laptop, a quick couple bursts from a can of air in your laptop vent cant really extend its life.  Desktops typically require you to open up the case to get to its fan but it sure does help, if your not comfortable opening up your computer, let Frankenstein do your cleaning for you.

But that’s not all!  Is your Windows fully up-to-date?  How about your anti-virus?  Do you have any programs that load on your computer when Windows launches?  What about space?  If your hard drive is starting to fill up and your not sure why, your system’s temp files or update & installation folders could be getting too large and need to be cleaned out.  Are some of your web browsers acting strange?  You could be infected with a rootkit, messing with your browser settings and not even know it.   These are all things Frankenstein computers takes care of and  more if you need a clean-up done on your computer.  Want to make sure there are no viruses or malicious programs bogging down your computer?  Frankenstein Computers is still the best company in Austin for virus removals.

Don’t forget your computer when you start your spring cleaning, and let Frankenstein give you a hand!

Frankenstein Computers has been taking care of our happy clients since 1999. We specialize in IT Support, IT Service, MAC repair, PC Repair, Virus Removal, and much more.