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Think you may be spending an excessive amount of time on your phone?

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Smartphones are a crucial part of our lives that help in areas such as communication, daily commute and scheduling, but how much unnecessary time is spent on other things?

Google announced Android phones must come with a digital wellbeing app installed that indicates how much time an individual spends on the device and every application that is opened.  This new push towards digital wellbeing is looking out for individuals who might have an addiction to their phone by displaying the actual amount of time wasted an apps like social media.

With the digital wellbeing feature the user is given power over the device by being able to schedule times to reduce notifications, set wind down periods for bed time, and give an overall outlook of time spent on the device. For parents this feature also allows for parental controls that allow them to supervise the phone remotely and set limits on the amount of time that their children can spend on the phone.

Although an individual ultimately has the final decision to take advantage of their digital wellbeing it is interesting to see companies provide features that can aid in the process. If you are thinking about setting up or wanting more information about the feature feel free to call or come by Frankenstein and we can help out!

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