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Malware vs Hijacked E-Mail

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Over the past few weeks we have had more customers call us regarding people receiving SPAM e-mail from their e-mail address.

Most of the time the customer is concerned their system may be infected, though typically this is not the case.  Typically all this means is a ‘hacker’ was able to brute force their way into the user’s e-mail account and are now able to access the e-mail from the ‘hackers’ own computer.  When this happens all that usually needs to be done is change your password.  Generally when somebody’s computer is infected it can be fairly obvious: computer speed plummets, Internet searches re-direct you to a undesired website, or continual pop-ups that you cannot close. 

If your computer’s performance hasn’t changed at all a quick e-mail password change should be all it takes to regain control of your e-mail.  Of course it is always better to be safe than sorry, so if you are really concerned Frankenstein Computers can always do a quick diagnostic on your system and tell you if there is anything wrong with the computer itself. We are excellent at virus removal and virus repair and server the Austin and surrounding areas.

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