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Simple Ways to Make Getting Around in Windows 7 Easier by Ryan…

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A Few Handy Keyboard Shortcuts –

Windows Key + M : Minimizes all Windows
Windows Key + Home : Restores and Minimizes all open Windows except the active one
Windows Key + Left/Right Arrow : Docks the open Windows to the left or right side
ALT + Up/Right/Left Arrow : Quickly alternate between your open windows
Windows Key + (Numbers 1-9) : Quickly launch programs from your pinned section of your toolbar
Windows Key + T : View your Taskbar Thumbnails, release and tap T again to view the next thumbnail

Make Your Own Shortcuts –

In addition to the helpful new shortcuts in Windows 7, Microsoft has also given you the ability to make your own.  Simply Right-Click the program you would like to make a shortcut to and Left-Click Properties.  Simply select the tab titled ‘Shortcut’ and you will see a section in the middle titled Shortcut Key.

Add the Ability to Search the Internet To Your Start Menu –

Click your start button and type gpedit.msc  into the search box and select the program.  This will open the Group Policy Editor.  Simply navigate to User Configuration, then Administrative Templates, and the select Start Menu and TaskbarRight-Click on Add Search Internet link to Start Menu, select Edit and enable the feature.