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IT Service Austin: Virus Removal

These days with our increasing internet access speed and near constant use of the Internet, virus infections have become part of our daily lives.  We’re all aware of them and how to watch out and protect ourselves but we also need to be aware of how they’re typically removed.

Unfortunately, standard virus removal is slowly becoming a thing of the past for most computer repair companies in Austin.  Most offered ‘virus removals’ are only that in theory.

Many IT companies in Austin will simply erase EVERYTHING on your computer and reload a fresh copy of Windows, essentially making the computer much like the day you purchased it.  In idea, yes, this is technically removing the virus, but you’re losing all your stuff too!  Not much help.

Frankenstein Computers prides itself in being one of the few remaining IT companies in Austin that does honest, real-deal virus removal.

For a standard virus removal, we are typically running between 15-20 different removal utilities on your system to make sure every potential type of infection is removed and nothing gets left behind.  This process does mean that it typically will take 2-3 days for a full virus removal from when we get started.

Now, for many customers, down-time is a much bigger deal than the data that is on the system.  For customer’s like this we do offer the option to wipe your system and reinstall Windows (which typically only takes about a 24-hour turn around.)

Another corner that many IT companies in Austin will cut is actually on Windows re-installs, they will simply reinstall Windows and stop right there; meaning you will still need to setup Windows, drivers and 99% of your updates.

Frankenstein Computers will never cut corners for your computer, once we have completed work on your system it is ready-to-go.

For virus removal in Austin there really is no reason to go anywhere else.  Our virus removals are true virus removals, and should you ever want Windows fully reinstalled we pride ourselves in our quick turnaround time and making sure your system is 100% ready to go when you get the system returned to you.


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