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Security Threats on the Rise

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security threats

The internet is becoming more and more dangerous everyday and it is due to the rising numbers of security threats from hackers and scammers whom are taking advantage of unsuspecting companies and individuals across the world. Because of this, it is becoming imperative that companies become aware of threats, their security vulnerabilities and risks to their customers.

But how do you really get a good grasp on such information?

You can look towards companies that specialize in network and information security, such as Frankenstein Computers. It would be a great idea to find out just how vulnerable you are with the help of vulnerability scans on both your external and internal access points, as well as awareness of security weaknesses within your data infrastructure. The first thing that hackers look for are exploitable resources and access points. These can range from services that have not been updated to ports being opened for ease of access. Remember, if it is easy for you to get into your network, it is easy for them too.

But why stop there?

We can offer additional services which include penetration testing where we come at your network just like the bad guys do, and attempt to find the same weaknesses they would exploit. This means we can proactively isolate these security threats and eliminate them through changes in configurations, policies, and procedures.

One last note to consider…

Hackers not only attack your network remotely, but there are social engineering hackers who will attempt to come at you through the phone, or even in person. These people can plant devices such as thumb drives with bugs on them, or simply walk into the network room claiming to be a member of the IT team. Proper training can usually prevent this from happening, but such training is often excluded due to costs. You have to ask yourself however – how much would it cost the company if that information is breached? Prevention, Awareness, and Training are the keys to protecting your network and your business from these threats.

Be secure, be aware, and most importantly, be safe.

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