Starting recently, have you been dealing with issues scanning to your HP device, but you can still print to you without any problems? Well, turns out you are not the only one. HP is now currently making it mandatory to use their “HP Smart” tool in order to scan any documents to your system. They also make you register with the software in order for the application to function as well so that is very important to know.

There is no payment required in order to register with the software however, so you don’t have to worry about anything along those lines. The process includes locating your device model and then performing a quick Google search of the make and model driver package and that should direct you to the HP support website which will provide you with a link to the HP Smart tool download. Your Microsoft store app will then open and prompt you to download the software. Once you are able to do so and open the application, you will need to make sure it detects your device on the home screen (which if you can print it should no problem) and you will see the scan option in the menu below with the rest of the printer/scanner options.

Once you select the scan option you will then need to place your desired scan items in the tray on the scanner itself and then come back to your HP Smart tool on your system and select the scan button that will be located in the very bottom right corner. As long as your printer/scanner is detected this should work without issue and get you scanning again. If you follow these steps your issues should be resolved and you can access any items that you choose to scan into your system and save, email, and print your desired documents once again. If this is a subject that you require assistance with of course you can always contact us here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking and we will be more than happy to assist with this issue or any other issue you are having.  

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