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Say No to Facebook Quizzes

I see a lot of my friends on Facebook taking these “quizzes” for fun and sharing.  What people don’t realize is that these little games are designed to steal your information.  Recent quizzes have included concerts that you have attended or places you have visited.  This information is commonly used as the answers to your security questions not only on Facebook but, for all your online activities.  Remember when you set up your bank account app online or your iTunes account?  It had you give answers to security questions in case of a forgotten password or PIN number.  That’s what these quizzes are for.  They match your name, email address and answers to your security questions and they can take over your online life.  Please don’t answer and share these questions.  It could be very costly.  Just remember, if it’s free and it’s fun, there is some other motive behind it.


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