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Save yourself some time and trouble

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nininite is a wonderful site that allows you to install and update multiple programs and plug-ins with very little effort or fuss.  Using it is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Click all the apps you want: is laid out in a very easy to read and understand fashion.  Apps are divided by types such as web browsers, communications, security, and many others.
  2. Click “Get Installer” and run it:  Pretty simple here; click the big green button on their site to download the installer.  Ninite automatically says “no” to any toolbars or other junkware that most installers try to install.
  3. Run it again:  Ninite automatically checks to make sure that all the selected applications are up-to-date, and downloads them from the official web pages.  This eliminates the risk of malicious software making its way onto your system from websites that look correct, but are really a front for viruses to be installed.

Ninite automatically detects if you need the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of software.  The applications on the sites are ALWAYS the latest versions, so no need to run an additional updater, like most other initial installs.  They also offer an optional paid version of their installer, if you’d like to support them, that will automatically check for updates for home use; and even a “business-class” version that can be used to update multiple computers at once.

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