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URGENT: Replace Gigabyte GP-P750GM & GP-P850GM Power Supplies IMMEDIATELY

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vulnerability in microsoft

The Gigabyte GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM power supplies are a fire hazard and have a high failure rate that could damage other components as well.

These power supplies were listed as part of a bundle on the NewEgg website when purchasing a RTX video card. If you happened to receive one of these as part of a bundle and are currently using it in your system replace it immediately if it hasn’t already failed. Per a report by Gamers Nexus that showed five of the ten power supplies they were able to acquire via purchase or viewer supplied; these power supplies exhibited a whopping 50% failure rate at a low draw rate of only 60% of rated wattage.

This is absolutely unheard of for power supplies that are rated 80+ Gold Standard, which should be able to supply efficient power up to 90% or higher of the rated wattage. Many of the failures were caused by power switches and mosfets which were from multiple different vendors even among the same models. These are the primary components that manage the supply of different voltages (3V, 5V, and 12V). This could be indicative of subpar parts being used from different vendors or suppliers.

Now this issue does not appear to affect the similarly named AORUS GP-AP750GM and GP-AP850GM power supplies. The AORUS series is the flagship of the Gigabyte fleet of components and therefor goes through more strict testing and quality assurance. So if you have one of the AORUS power supplies, this particular exploding issue should not be a concern. Just make sure you register your products and take advantage of warranty repairs should an issue come to light.

If you are in need of replacing the GP-P series power supplies and would like recommendations on replacement parts, we at FCN would be more than happy to suggest a part based on your budget and needs (current and future).

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