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Before Using Your New Computer

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You have unboxed, plugged everything in, run through Windows Setup options, and you are ready to use that new computer. Below are some recommendations before you get too comfortable using that new computer:

Create Recovery Disks – Your computer most likely did not ship with recovery disks. Instead, your computer might contain a recovery partition and a utility that allows you to create a set of recovery DVDs. Be sure to create these disks right away and store them in a safe place.

Uninstall Norton or McAfee Anti-virus – Unless you specifically ordered for it to be installed on your system, your new computer probably shipped with trial anti-virus software that likes to interrupt whatever you are doing with popups until you uninstall or buy it. There are both paid and free AV programs out there that are less resource intensive and intrusive – Windows Defender comes installed with Windows, but  it is not recommended for long term or as a broad AV solution.

Run Windows Update – Your computer may be new, but new updates have come out since it left the factory and they are crucial to the security of your system.

Create User Accounts – It is good practice to create a second Administrator account.  By doing so and password protecting it, you should always have a clean account you can access if something goes wrong with the first administrator’s (Users) account.

Download A Second Web Browser – Even if you never plan on using it, you should download a second web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. If something goes wrong with Internet Explorer, you will always have a web browser to access the Internet.

Have a Backup Plan – If you do not already have an external hard drive, buy one and set up Windows to backup automatically so you do not need to worry about it.

Frankenstein computers does offer a make ready service to cover all these bases for you if needed (including purchase of setup of an external hard drive).

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