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QuickTime Has Run Out of Time…

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Much like how Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP awhile back, Apple stopped support of their older video player QuickTime.  Now, this did not mean the software stopped working, just that there would be no more updates coming to the software any longer.  However, this can be a problem down the road when bugs or exploits are found, and unfortunately that has now happened with QuickTime.


Using current infection attempts, such as tricking a user into running malware or going to a website infected with malicious code, hackers can gain access to your computer through QuickTime.  The Department of Homeland Security has simply said ‘The only mitigation available is to uninstalled QuickTime for Windows.”  As Apple no longer supports this software, and has no plans to (they have not commented yet on this recent development) there is no fix, only simply to remove the software.


A slightly out-dated video player there are numerous alternatives, such as VLC Player, most being substantially better now as well.  To remove the software simply visit your Windows Control Panel and visit ‘Programs and Features’ which gives you the options to uninstall programs.  If you need any assistance with this please don’t hesitate to call us at the shop for any help with this.


Also, if you fear you may have already been infected by malware please bring your computer to Frankenstein Computers right away.  We can remove infections here in our shop typically within 48 hours, and without any loss of data.