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UPDATE: QuickBooks Updates/Issues…

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*Update: Intuit has now resolved this issue.  They have taken out the field that asks for the old password; instead it simply asks for a new password.*

Here at Frankenstein Computers we have seen a problem appear with Quickbooks that we wanted to make sure our smaller businesses are aware of.  As many of you are aware, Intuit puts out numerous updates for their Quickbooks software but the latest update may create issues, and they currently do not have a resolution for this problem.  Currently, if you go to install the most recent update Quickbooks will ask you to update your Quickbooks administrator password.  Normally this would not be an issue but for customer’s with only one Quickbooks user login this is a problem.  Customers that have payroll and/or accept credit cards, who only have one Quickbooks user never have to create an administrator password.  The software, attempting to reset a password that does not exist, ends up stopping the ability to log in.  Our Quickbooks specialist has been working with ProAdvisor support in attempts to resolve this issue but unfortunately at this time Intuit does not have a fix for the problem this creates. 


If you only have one QB user, with no admin account and have already installed the update (R7) we will have to wait until Inuit comes up with a fix.  However for those that have not, when you open up Quickbooks there will be a message that will ask you to install an update.  It will give the option to Install Now or Install Later.  Please choose Install Later at this time, and do not install it until a resolution has been found.  If this has already happened to you and you no longer have access please let Frankenstein Computers know, as we would be happy to inform you as soon as a resolution has been created.