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Quantum Computers

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more power

Millions of times more power?   …yes please!

Computers work [on a very rudimentary level] by counting electrons.  The signal is either going to be a 1 or a 0 and the combinations of these mean different things and are strung together into logical arguments that then make the computer behave certain ways.  Simple enough, right?

Well, we are just about up against the wall when it comes to the physical laws that govern the flow of electrons in our electronics.  We have some electrical components that are only a couple of atoms wide and we can’t make things much smaller.

In order to make more powerful computers we have to change the paradigm completely.  Quantum computing is doing just that.

Instead of counting electrons like conventional electronics, quantum computers counts particles that exist in one of several different possible states.  These particles exist in all of these states simultaneously until observed.  This is called superposition and is defined as the sum of all possible positions of the particle.  Counting the particles in a particular state AND inferring the state of other particles that are entangled on a quantum level to these particles makes the amount of processing power increase exponentially.

This new method of computing does not have the same size limitations of atoms… I wonder where the wall is for this type of computing?  probably some sort of time paradox… I don’t know; my brain hurts!

Here is a really cool video about this that is probably much easier to understand than my explanation:

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