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Purchase a new computer during the holidays?

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If you have ever purchased a new computer, most people understand that straight out of the box it comes with bloatware.

At Frankenstein we consider bloatware as any useless fluff programs that are pre-installed on a system that may not be needed. If you would like to bring that new computer to us, we can wipe and re-install the operating system and configure the system at the optimal settings for performance. Re-installing the operating system would rid those annoying bloatware programs that get in the way and act as pop ups after the free trial period ends.

As an extra precaution we would install an anti-virus program on the system before it leaves the shop to ensure protection. If you are unsure of which anti-virus program, we can provide recommendations on paid or free programs that would help the system. Protect your new investment by bringing in your computer for the initial setup process to Frankenstein Computers and we will be happy to assist you – no appointment necessary.

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