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Protect Personal Information

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In today’s world there are so many people trying to make a
quick buck and unfortunately it’s usually done by ripping someone off. I
recently heard a story about someone who received a call claiming to be a well
known company and asked for all of their bank account information and their
social security number. I have also had this experience when I got a call from
someone claiming to be from my bank and asked similar questions, I was very
leery of the call so I hung up and called my bank from the number listed on
their website to verify, which of course it wasn’t them trying to call.

If you ever get a call from anyone asking for banking
information or your social security or any other private information that
should instantly raise a red flag, please don’t give that person your
information. Even if you think it might be legit, hang up and call the company
they are claiming to be from yourself and check it out. With today’s
technology, we have to be twice as safe at protecting our personal information.