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Battery backups – not just for your computer….

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Years ago, I lost a computer to an power outage; since then, I have always used a UPS battery backup for all my desktop computers.

 But then, I realized I spend as much money (OK, way more ) on my HD television, Playstation, Xbox, and other electronics.  We all spend a ton of money on our electronics, and as the price of UPS battery backups have gotten cheaper over time, there is no reason not to spend another few bucks, and make sure you are protected.

UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, battery backups – not just for your computer….

All battery backups have ratings on how much power they can provide, and an approximate amount of time that your electronics will stay on without power.  For your computer, it is pretty easy to calculate how large of a battery backup you will need, but for your entertainment center, it’s a different story.  All of the manufacturers have the amount of electrical power the device will pull, so get all that information, add it up, and then you will be able to shop for the best battery backup possible. 

Remember that your computer takes a little bit of time to shut down, so you want to make sure you have enough time, or spend a little more money for a UPS that will monitor it and shut it down for you.  Your entertainment center probably won’t be on, if you aren’t using it, so just make sure you have enough power for a few minutes, so you can shut it all down properly, if it is on.  First time that you are watching a movie, and the power goes out, you will be glad you are protected; you can shut down and save all your equipment, for when the power comes back on.

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