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Phone Scams by Lauren…

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Today I got a call from someone claiming to be an AT&T representative and they wanted to let me know that the company AT&T uses for local calls had gone independent and that if I didn’t want to receive (2) bills then I needed to confirm a switch over to a different company. I asked the man on the phone if he was with AT&T then why did the call come across as “private”, he told me that their phone system was currently down so he had to call a different way. Red flag #1. Then he said he needed to switch me over to a data entry person and that I couldn’t ask any questions about my account because that’s not their job, just answer yes or no to their questions. Red flag #2. Then he said they will ask for my birthday, after they already asked my first and last name. I asked why he would need that information, he said to verify that I’m over 18. At this point I was way over suspicious and told him I was in the middle of something and would have to call him back. After I hung up I called AT&T and asked if that all was true, the woman on the phone said no, it’s what is called a “switchover scam” the yes/no questions they had were going to switch me over to a third party company without even realizing it. Good thing I got off the phone. So be very careful about what calls you take and what information you give out, if it doesn’t feel legit, hang up and call your provider and ask whether it’s for real or not.