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Phishing Attempts on the Rise

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phishing scams

I have taken many calls from folks that were caught by phishing scams recently.

Everyone must be hyper-vigilant when clicking on any emailed hyper-link or attachment, even if it is from someone that you know. Also, if you are just online browsing and a pop-up jumps up on your screen stating that you have some kind of security issue, more than likely, it is a scam. NEVER let anyone have access to your computer if you did not initiate the service call. We use remote access software all day, every day which is safe because we are not trying to scam you but anyone that gains access from a pop-up or email link is up to no good.

I have seen people lose up to $50K on these types of scams so be very careful. If you get one of these emails or pop-ups, feel free to reach out to us to ask if we can take a look as we are happy to help.

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