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Opera Brower now has built-in VPN

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Earlier this year one of the many alternate web browsers to Internet Explorer and Safari, Opera, released an update that provides a built-in VPN connection. Oh did I also mention it’s completely free?! That’s right, it’s free! Not only that but it’s UNLIMITED data! But why should this be big news to you? Well let’s go over the benefits of a VPN real quick.

First off, a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a network comprised of computers that talk to each other over a public network i.e. the Internet. Many businesses use VPNs to allow users to work from home and still have access to company information and servers. “But wait, if it’s on the internet doesn’t that mean that anyone can see the data?” you may ask. Well that’s another feature of VPNs, they encrypt and secure your data from prying eyes. This means that those of you that are worried about sending credit card information, uploading sensitive documents, or that download, legal or illegally we won’t judge; can do so with peace of mind that no one can monitor your connection to see exactly what you’re doing.

A VPN connection is almost required if you are traveling or using an unsecure public network. These users are the most likely to be monitored since the networks are public they are less secure and can have malicious users on them that are trying to gather information. Now a VPN does NOT make you invulnerable to Malware and Viruses but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one whenever possible when traveling or out in public.

Now that you have a basic understanding let’s talk about Opera, and how it compares to VPN service providers. Let’s start with the obvious, IT’S FREE! Both Opera and its VPN service are free to use, simply download the browser install it and you’re halfway to a more secure browsing experience. There is almost no setup to use the VPN, you simply turn the feature on and select a location, or allow the browser to select the “optimal location” for you. Now there is one downside to this VPN, it only provides 5 locations. While not a huge issue for the beginner user, if you browse internationally then you’ll notice a drop in quality when not in or near one of the provided countries.

So if you’re looking to start using a VPN then I’d suggest trying it out in the Opera browser. Very easy setup and will make your web browsing experience safer and more secure. If you have any questions about the installation process, or how to set it up please let us know how we can help.