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Oops, I upgraded to Windows 10 by Accident!

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Microsoft has gotten sneaky with their Windows 10 updates. We’ve recently experienced a trend with the Windows 10 update, even after removing the update, reappearing within the list of available updates. This can cause you to accidentally start the update to Windows 10 process if you’re not careful about the updates that you install. Luckily Microsoft decided that, while practically forcing you to upgrade, you are able to downgrade should the upgrade to 10 fail. However, there is a small window of 30 days for this “roll back” to be done. We at Frankenstein are more than happy to help with this roll back process. It is normally a very quick process, if you know what you’re doing, and can be finished within a day should all go well. If you would like help downgrading from Windows 10; or simply learning how to use it if you’re outside of the 30 day window; we are happy to help at Frankenstein Computers. We are your IT Support Specialists!