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Notebook or Tablet?

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Ever since the iPad came out, that question has been asked.  The answer? …. well, it depends.  While some can make do with a tablet, there are some compromises required for the tablet-only lifestyle. To help you figure out which device is right for you, we have listed a few of the best features of each.


More processing power                      
Wider range of uses; faster performance; better multi-tasking

More storage                          
128GB and up vs 16 to 128GB; even more with flash drives, SD card slots, optical drives

Built-in mouse
More efficient for frequent swapping of Windows, clicking of links; higher level of granular control

Broadly compatible USB ports, HDMI outlets, etc
Accepts a wider range of accessories and devices

Built-in keyboard
Preferable over on-screen keyboards, for longer blocks of text


Less expensive
More affordable for media, games, web browsing 
Smaller size
Very mobile, comfortable for casual use; well-suited for personal media consumption

Extremely intuitive; icon heavy design

App based
Tailored to the touchscreen experience; less costly than software; many free

Buy / consume digital media
Made simple through Google Play, iTunes, Amazon

Excellent battery life
Hours longer than notebooks

If your daily computer use revolves around the Internet, social media, and streaming services, with only light productivity, then you may be able to make do with a tablet alone.  However, if you need to do serious work, need powerful processing or multitasking, or need compatibility with a specific accessory or storage device, there’s no good alternative to the laptop.

Also, keep in mind: in today’s connected world, there isn’t really an either/or decision to be made – laptops and tablets are best used together, as companion devices.  The ideal setup will vary from one person to the next, but many who make the decision to forgo a laptop, or to skip the whole tablet thing, will find themselves butting up against the simple reality that there is no one device that is best for everything. Tablets and laptops are really designed to be companion devices, sharing files via cloud storage, and allowing you to take your web-connected life everywhere.

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