Although free Wi-Fi and wireless network connections are typically available, there are still plenty of times where you might find yourself without an internet connection on your smartphone.  Luckily, Google has got you covered: there’s a new hidden game inside the Google app that can be played without a data connection. In fact, the best way to access it is to turn off your data.

To access the game, either wait until you don’t have any data or manually shut off Wi-Fi and your mobile connection. Once you are disconnected, perform a search for any topic within the Google app or one of its related widgets. You’ll see a notification that you are not connected along with a photo of the cloud character of the game. Click that cloud and you’ll be taken to the hidden game.

As the cloud, you have to float along through the sky while avoiding obstacles that come in the form of dark thunder clouds, birds, and other cute little characters. It’s a very simple game but it’s still fun and a great way to kill some time while your PC is being fixed. You should be able to see the game on any version of the Google app above v9.46.6.21.

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