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Windows Update: Preparation

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next Windows Update

The next Windows update is here, though on the door step for most.

There are many ways you can be a bit more prepared. Many of you may know that the last large Windows updates caused problems all over.  Here at Frankenstein Computers we have been helping customer’s with problems caused by the most recent updates as recent as last week.  Thankfully Microsoft has pushed this next large rounds back a few times to spend a bit more time on stability so hopefully the growing pains will be less severe, but we expect some to still have problems.

Backups.  Everybody’s computers are about to undergo a substantial, under the hood set of tweaks, and no matter how much time they spend getting it ready, a few computers in the world will not come back up.  It is never a bad time for another round of backups and this is doubly so now.  If your computer were to not come back up, would you loose anything?
Other updates  Many developers have had access to this update for a few weeks now and have already made their software ready.  Now is a great time to update your device drivers and programs that have built in update methods.  Many developers have already issued updates for their own programs to make them doubly ready for any large shifts.
Restore points.  Windows already will attempt to create a restore point at the time of your Windows update and this works most of the time.  But, did you know you can manually create a restore point anytime you would like?  Go ahead and take a few moments to create a restore point of your own manually in your control panel.  That way, should something fail, and should Window’s auto restore point also fail you still have one more point of protection/restoration.
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How Can I Prepare My Computer for a Major Windows Update?

Back up your data, ensure you have enough free disk space, and check for any driver updates. This preparation helps prevent data loss and ensures compatibility with the new update.

Why Is It Important to Create Backups Before a Windows Update?

Creating backups ensures you can restore your data if the update causes problems. It provides a safety net against data loss or system instability during the update process.

How Do I Manually Create a Restore Point in Windows 10?

Navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > System > System Protection. Select “Create” to make a restore point, which can help revert your system to a previous state if needed.

Should I Update My Device Drivers and Software Before a Windows Update?

Updating device drivers and software helps ensure compatibility with the new Windows update. This can prevent issues and make the update process smoother.

What Should I Do If My Computer Has Problems After a Windows Update?

If you encounter problems, try restoring from a backup or using a system restore point. Check for additional updates or patches that might address the issues caused by the initial update.

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