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New Email Scam

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email scam

Over the past few weeks we here at Frankenstein Computers have noticed a resurgence of a older style email scam.

The email scam in question will be from a ‘programmer who has cracked your email’.  But they also insinuate that they have lots of blackmail style dirt on you from your browsing habits and you better pay us this money in bitcoin or we’re releasing this to your boss etc etc.  Now, hackers cracking email passwords are nothing new.  I am sure many of you have received a email that is obviously SPAM or fake from a friend or colleagues email address indicating that their password has been compromised.

Typically, if your email password has been cracked and sending SPAM you simply change your password and get on with your life.  These scam emails are using that known password and using that to hopefully trick you into believing they have that much more.

Email crackers are done by automated programs, there is not some guy in a dark room somewhere trying password after password to get into your account.  So, taking this to a larger entrepreneurial level instead of sending out SPAM with your account they just email you about the account they just cracked, place your email password in the email so you see the message has a hint of truth, so everything else in the email must be true.

It is not,

…it is an automated program attempting to crack hundreds or thousands of people and then sending form automated emails to these thousands of people where the only thing different is the email address section and the password section.

It is a scam,

…they want you to think its real and pay the ransom.  However this is still the same thing as having your password cracked, and while you should still change your email password a hacker has NOT gained access to your computer.


…sometimes there is a lot to be said for some piece of mind.  So, if this has happened to you and you are still concerned Frankenstein Computers is still one of the best companies in Austin to quickly check (and if necessary remote) possible infections on your computer, simply give us a shout and we would be happy to help.

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