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Why you need a Disaster Recovery Plan

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disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

This has been a trying time recently for those of us down here in Texas, especially those on Texas’ Eastern coast. Hurricane Harvey wreaked its havoc, pummeling the coast with wind and rain. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the anyone affected by the storm. Many found themselves without a home and some are only just discovering that their businesses have been destroyed. In today’s world, the resiliency of your business during a natural disaster comes down to your backup and disaster recovery plan.

Many business owners across Texas’ east coast will end up going out of business because they lacked proper backup procedures and did not put together a disaster recovery plan. If you are a business owner, ask yourself these questions: if your business was affected by a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, how would you recover? If your physical office building was underwater, would your company’s data still be protected? Would you be able to access it? Natural disasters may be rare, but they do happen and preparedness be the determining factor in whether or not you or your business survives.

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