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Multi-factor Authentication

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If you are not already aware or have been prompted to set this feature up with one of your accounts it is very important to be aware of the multi-factor authentication option with your accounts, be it your email, domain host, or simply your standard Microsoft account.


The way things are moving forward at this time, most email hosts, domain hosts, and other software account providers are pushing for and offer multi-factor authentication or two-factor verification, it really depends on who you are working with which basically allows an extra layer of security to your accounts in case there is a breach of some sort.

What this option means is that you need to configure your account to set up an additional authentication code to be either sent to your phone via text message, get a call with that code, or sent to another email account so you can access your information. The importance of this is know that since it would be configured this way, if someone happened to try and access your account without your knowledge you would be sent that information with the code and if you did not request this information then you know someone is invalidly attempting to access your account.

Now that being said, you can set up this feature with just about every service that exists these days for example being Gmail, Yahoo, AT&T, Microsoft, GoDaddy etc. Another major item though to keep in mind is that if you do decide to set up your accounts with this two-factor authentication you will need to make sure that you have access to whatever phone number or email address you associate with the account because you will not be able to get in without the verification code that is sent to whichever option you choose to use which is actually the reason for the verification to begin with.

This can be a very good choice to consider for security reasons if you are either with a large company or simply a home user because if someone does happen to gain access to any of your accounts, they can cause damage to not only your data but at times can gain access to your workstation that way. If this is something that you have run into and are curious about or if you are concerned with extra security levels, we here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking are always here to assist to please do not hesitate you contact us.

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