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Managed IT Services, Austin

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msp without contracts

9 out of 10 IT companies these days are MSPs or Managed Services Providers, we are not one of these companies.

Frankenstein Computer’s business model is to only get paid for labor when we actually do something for our clients. We do offer the same monthly recurring services a la carte, like Office 365, SPAM filtering, offsite backups, antivirus, VOIP phones, and 24/7 monitoring BUT, we do not charge a monthly fee for labor that may or may not be used.

If you get into a contract with an MSP, they are estimating the amount of labor, at the top end, that you will need on a monthly basis and then charging you that amount each month, whether the time is actually used or not. Frankenstein Computers does not lock you into a contract and only charges for labor when it is used. The majority of our business, over the last 23 years, comes from clients fleeing MSP contracts. Now, it does sound good to know what you will be spending each month but, we find that we save our clients approximately 30% in labor charges yearly.

Another thing to note is that, in the Managed Services Provider contract, it states how long they have to contact you about any/all issues that you may have because they can be slow to react, mostly, in my opinion, because they already have your money. In our case, we want your money so we are going to contact you sooner and get the issue resolved quickly so we can get paid.

If you find yourself in a Managed IT Services contract, you are stuck through the end date of that contract so hang in there and give us a call when the contract expires and we’ll give you the best IT service you have ever had.

Frankenstein Computers has been taking care of our happy clients since 1999. We specialize in IT Support, Cyber Security, IT Service, IT Security, Office 365, Cloud, VOIP, SPAM, Wireless, Network Design, MAC repair, PC Repair, Virus Removal, and much more. Give us a call for remote support or drop in to drop off.

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