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Mouse & Keyboard Problem

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Dust and food spills are the main factors in decreasing the life of a Mouse and Keyboard. So keep
them cleaned all the times. And eating or drinking near the computer is a big
problem. Crumbs have a tendency to fall between the keys on your keyboard and
get stuck there, causing a key to stick down, or worse, not work at all. If
soda spills inside your keyboard, it can actually eat away at the electrical
connections inside that make the keyboard type. If that happens, the keyboard
is finished. Depending on the style of mouse that you have, they can start to
malfunction too because of the dust and dirt. If it is a mouse with at ball
inside, the optics inside can collect the dirt that the ball has picked up and
it will not track correctly. If it is a laser, LED, or optical mouse, they can
suffer to because of dust, dirt or lint in the optics. Keeping your desk clean
and free from debris will go a long way to keeping your computer running smooth
and worry-free!