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Microsoft Unveils Gaming Controller for Customers with Disabilities

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Xbox Adaptive Controller

This month Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Adaptive Controller that will work on both Xboxes and Windows PCs.

A controller developed especially for customers with limited mobility the controller features a number of very notable feature.  The most notable however is its price point, at just $99.99 the controller is extremely affordable compared to most other custom or primary controllers designed for customers that need them.

The controller itself is wireless, with two slightly domed buttons on the face that can be configured for numerous possibilities as well at 19 jacks on the system that enable the controller to be paired with numerous other similar devices to essentially make the controller incredibly customizable.  (As well as USB ports on the sides of the unit that are able to be mapped to analog sticks.)

  Each available jack or port can be mapped to specific functions on a gaming controller such as foot pedals, micro switches and large buttons.  The controller also features Copilot mode; meaning it can be used in conjunction with another controller with Xbox or Windows that can enable it to be used simultaneously with another gaming controller for customers that have slight accessibility (for instance, just one hand but cannot use the other side of the controller).  While controllers designed for users with limited accessibility this is the first time they will be available at such an affordable price point and customizable to this degree, and thirdly can be configured for use on a PC (Windows) as well.


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